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PRODUCT assistant

Solutions that make everyone's life easier

Effortlessly serving customers across your website, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and 10+ additional text channels
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Simple. Smart.

Artificial Intelligence, automation solutions, push-button chatbots, Live Agent's office - Brandy platform is a tool that allows your customers to better understand your product and easy solve any problems that arise

Product Support

Live Chat

With a customer satisfaction rate of 92%, Live chat is not only great alternative to phone calls and emails, but also a powerful tool to improve your business processes.

Variety of analytics dashboards, previous chat histories, pre-prepared answers, integrated softwares, trained on 100 000+ dialogues AI and other tools - live agents have lots of tools to succesfully process any number of conversations.

Product Support


When something happens to a product - the customer needs to solve the problem urgently. Product support allows the customer to find a solution either on their own or with the help of a live agent.

Button-based menu for instant self-help

Live Agent support

Multi-lingual conversational AI for FAQ's

Product Support


Dive deep and connect Brandy with your IT environment and you’ll be able to create a personalized experience:

and registration
sales (payment button, application, pre-order)
useful information about products and services
loyalty program
product selection
where can I buy

Human Touch

When AI falls short, Brandy steps in, seamlessly routing the conversation to your live agents or product experts, all within its professional agent console to ensure a smooth experience with no dialogues lost.

However assistant can be 100% automated if you are not ready to engage human assist

Launch your brand assistant in every digital channel in just one day!