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Telegram Business Account

Empower your brand with Telegram for Business: a tool for instant, impactful customer connections in the digital marketplace
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Why Bother Texting?

Your clients use it everyday for conversations with everybody, except you. Fix it!
Think about it: When was the last time you sent an email or SMS to your family and friends? And when did you write to them in messengers? Do not slow down and keep up with the times - communicate with customers in their environment.
Icon depicting a hand holding a pie chart with an upward-trending line graph in the background, symbolizing data-driven growth, accompanied by text promoting the benefits of instant messaging for business.

It Boosts CSAAT

Instant messaging for business can help you deliver the VIP experience that resonates with consumers and builds brand loyalty.
Icon of a computer monitor displaying a chart with an upward trend, symbolizing financial savings or growth. The icon is on a dark blue background, accompanied by text 'It Saves Money' highlighting the cost-efficiency of automation in text channels with AI and chatbots, which can resolve up to 70% of inquiries.

It Saves Money

Automation potential in text channels is huge! AI and chatbots can resolve up to 70% of inquires
Icon of three overlapping chat bubbles with checkmarks, symbolizing communication and confirmation, set against a dark blue background. Below is text stating 'It Helps Build Trust,' explaining that allowing clients to reach out to a business with minimal barriers can make an organization seem more transparent and trustworthy.

It Helps Build Trust

By allowing clients to reach out to business with minimal barriers, your clients will naturally feel that your organization is transparent and straight-shooting
Illustration of a hand holding a stopwatch surrounded by question marks and a check mark, representing time-saving measures. The icon is set against a dark blue background, above text that reads 'It Saves Time,' suggesting that automation allows managers to focus on essential questions, reducing the need for a large support team

It Saves Time

While system answers typical questions, managers solve only essential ones, so you don’t need to owe big support team

Clients Prefer Messages, Not Calls!

The share of messengers conversations grows as soon as the company adds Whatsapp Messages for Business
But, why?
Area graph showing a trend where clients prefer messaging over phone calls, with a rise in messenger requests from 2020 to 2022. To the right, text explains that the share of messenger conversations increases when a company adds WhatsApp Messages for Business, prompting the question 'But, why?' The source of the data is credited to a market report.
But, why?
Here are
some reasons:
Icon of a broken heart, indicating a dislike for phone calls. This icon visually complements the title 'No one loves calls,' emphasizing the message that people prefer other forms of communication over phone calls.

No one loves calls

People love their phones. But making a phone call? That they don’t love. According to Forbes survey, Nearly 93% of consumers want to communicate via text message, says Forbes.

Icon depicting an hourglass alongside a phone, representing the concept of 'Clients seek time-valued service.' The image conveys that customers today value quick and efficient service, especially when it involves their time and how it's respected in customer service interactions.

Clients seek time-valued service

‍Your customers live in the era of productivity, So it’s a big deal when they have to drop what they’re doing to call customer service—let alone wait on hold.

Icon of a hand releasing two floating hearts, symbolizing care and connection. This icon aligns with the text 'Customers want more than words,' indicating that consumers are looking for communication that goes beyond text, such as through the use of emojis, GIFs, and videos, to create more engaging and emotionally resonant experiences.

Customers want more than words

Using text messages, GIFs, emojis, and product videos increases engagement. They pique curiosity and are more enticing than regular emails.

Icon of two speech bubbles, one with the letter 'Q' for a question and the other with the letter 'A' for an answer, signifying a quick exchange of information. This accompanies the heading 'They just need a quick answer,' highlighting that customers prefer prompt responses to their inquiries rather than lengthy phone calls.

They just need a quick answer

Simple questions don’t need a phone call. Getting answers to common queries like, “When will this be back in stock?” or “Where’s my order?” shouldn’t require a phone call and a potentially long wait on hold

They can text on their terms

If customers have questions after business hours, waiting for the traditional 9–5 timeframe may cause cause frustration. With messenger, they can send message and continue their day, expecting a response later

They just prefer texting

According to a Bank My Cell survey, 75% of millennials avoid phone calls as they’re time-consuming. A customer service call can take a few minutes or half an hour, so customers don’t know how to prepare.


Telegram for Business Opportunities:

Automation & Efficiency

Telegram Bot

Streamline repetitive tasks like messaging and basic support, freeing staff for complex issues.

Operate non-stop with Telegram Bots for global customer support without a large team.

Efficiently manage numerous customers and requests, without extra staff or budget.

Automatically collect and use customer data to improve business and products.

Automate workflows by integrating with existing CRM or ERP systems so that you no longer have to manually enter data

Offer tailored responses for a better customer experience, making them feel valued without individual team member attention.

Outreach & Scale

Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels, with their unlimited member capacity, are perfect for reaching a wide audience. They're ideal for disseminating updates, sharing insightful content such as industry news, and increasing your brand's visibility with promotions and events. While similar to Telegram Groups in building customer loyalty, Channels offer a broader, less personal way to connect with your audience.

Engagement & Community

Telegram Group

In Telegram Groups, you can include as many as 200,000 members and share messages and media files up to 1.5GB. This feature is highly beneficial for engaging with clients and fostering loyalty. Let's explore several methods by which Telegram Groups can enhance customer loyalty and brand identity:

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